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Founded in 1875, the Young Women's Christian Association (YWCA) of Singapore is a social service agency committed to serving those in need, regardless of race or religion. Our holistic programmes and services aim to empower and support women from low-income families by alleviating financial burdens and care-giving responsibilities. We strive to uplift the family unit, and to provide the right resources and opportunities to improve lives.

YWCA's community service programmes are supported by YWCA Fort Canning, our revenue-generating arm in hospitality. All net proceeds contribute towards our social initiatives such as Empowering Mums, Meals-on-Wheels, and Sustenance for Families.

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Our Programmes

Over the years, the work of the Association has developed and expanded to meet the needs of the elderly, disabled, children and youth in Singapore.

Key Programmes:
Meals-on-Wheels: Provides children, elderly, and disabled persons from low-income families with free nutritious meals from Monday to Friday.

Sustenance for Families: Distributes dry rations such as rice, cooking oil and toilet rolls to needy families every month. Dry rations may also include customised items such as milk powder and diapers for families who require them.

Sustenance for Families (Fresh Food Distribution): Distributes fresh food such as eggs, vegetables, and corn to needy families every month

Kids' Weekday Care: A thrice-weekly afterschool care that provides social, emotional, moral, and academic support to disadvantaged children from our Meals-on-Wheels programme. The activities in the care programme include tutoring, mentorship, enrichment, group work and outings.

Workz-on-Wheels: An outreach programme that serves disadvantaged children and at-risk youths by imparting essential life skills to manage their own cognitive and socio-emotional needs for life adjustments.

Empowering Mums: A series of transformative workshops dedicated to helping back-to-work mothers from low-income families to gain the skills, support, and confidence they need to be successfully employed.

Empowering Young Women: A series of transformative workshops dedicated to helping young women from low-income
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