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About Us

The YMCA of Singapore stands to champion, challenge and train youth to become independent and effective contributors to an inclusive society.

Our "YMCA Strong" campaign is a statement of our desired outcome for all we serve - to give our clients a hand up, not simply a handout, so that each one will be strengthened to reach their potential.

Our programmes range from training and employing youth with special needs to mobilising and training youth leaders and volunteers to serve the needy in society.

Our Programmes

1. Youth Support (Special Needs) Programmes
We run vocational training and social development programmes to empower youth with special needs. One notable programme is the YMCA Train & Place Series that trains and supports persons with special needs towards gainful employment in the service and hospitality sectors. Through hands-on training in a real-life work environment within YMCA @ One Orchard, our social enterprise accommodation, the programme builds confidence and work capabilities for independent living. In collaboration with our employment partners, the programme offers training in both soft and vocational skills, as well as activities that strengthen our clients' body, mind and spirit.

2. Vocational and Soft Skills Programme (VaSSP)
We support out-of-school youth and youth-at-risk through programmes that strengthen their skills, employability and character development. VaSSP equips youth with vocational skills and soft skills to facilitate their return to further studies or entry into the workforce.

3. Youth Leadership Development Programmes
YMCA develops and strengthens youth to realise their full potential, building a community of responsible community champions that will continually build a better world. For instance, Youth For Causes is a programme that provides seed funding, mentorship and a fundraising license to youth every year, supporting them in conceptualising and executing projects to raise funds and awareness for social causes of their choice.
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