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The Yellow Brick Road (YBR) Programme was conceptualised in 2016 to address both language- cognitive and socio-emotional developmental needs of the children of ex-offenders.

The programme consists of:

Support for Academic Performance:
Due to a lack of a supportive home environment as other children of similar age profile, children of offenders are more likely to perform poorly in schools and drop out of mainstream education by the time they reach their teenage years. YBR addresses these needs by sponsoring 1 to 1 tuition for the children.

Social-Emotional Development:
Socio-emotional skills help children to enhance their self-concept and manage their emotional anxieties. Group work and self-enrichment workshops are conducted to meet these needs.

Strengthening Family Functioning:
To support the children's developmental growth, parents and caregivers are engaged through parenting skills workshops to improve the parenting abilities to raise the children. Activities are also arranged to strengthen the bonds between the children and parents/ caregivers.

When a parent is incarcerated, the children often serve a second prison in silence; they are the 'invisible victims' of imprisonment, who are unseen and unheard. Together, with your support we can help unlock the second prison for these children and prevent inter-generational offending

About the Charity

Every year, more than 9,000 ex-offenders complete their sentences and are released from the various prisons and drug rehabilitation centres (DRCs). It is disheartening that ex-offenders have to live with the stigma of having served time behind bars when they are released from prison, one that can often be more punishing than the prison sentence itself. Many ex-offenders, once released, find themselves literally stepping into a second prison. This time it would be a prison with invisible bars, of suspicion, of mistrust and of discrimination.The best rehabilitation regime during incarceration is of no use if ex-offenders find themselves rejected at every turn when they are released into the larger community.Your generous donation to the Yellow Ribbon Fund will go a long way to help us fund rehabilitative and aftercare programmes, which are the supporting mechanisms to facilitate the reintegration of an individual back to the community and his family.


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