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ends 31 Mar 2024, 11:59 PM
Yong-en's Elderly Services consists of 3 core programmes - Dementia Care Services, Active Ageing and Home Care.
We provide comprehensive services to support the needs of our senior service users and strive to create the continuum of care through a person-centric approach.

In the year ahead, Yong-en will be working closely with 3 other SSAs to pilot a one-stop, digitally enabled service integrated hub for seniors and their caregivers, offering a suite of activities to empower and enliven the experience of caregiving and seniors ageing in place.
Yong-en's initiatives in the year ahead will be designed closely in line with the national plan for successful ageing - Care, Contribution, Connectedness.

Through this year-long campaign, we plan to invite our community partners, volunteers and youth to create innovative sub-campaigns to fundraise alongside us.

All proceeds will go towards the development and initiatives in providing holistic care for Yong-en's seniors and its community. Your generous support will help to maximize our efforts tremendously and provide much needed attention for our seniors!

(Any unutilised funds will be channelled towards supporting Yong-en's programmes and operating expenses)

About the Charity

Yong-en is a registered charity born out of Fairfield Methodist Church's love and care for the community. Our mission is to demonstrate God's love through person-centred care services to support the needs of the elderly, disadvantaged individuals, and families in Chinatown and beyond

Our Services:

1. Caring for Seniors
Providing comprehensive support to seniors through 3 core programmes, to create the continuum of care.
- Dementia Care
- Home Care
- Active Ageing

2. Supporting Families
Providing needful intervention and reliable support to build independent, stable, and resilient families.
- Casework
- Food Security - PantryPlenish, BreadWalk
- Befriending
- Single Parent Support Group - Women of Strength
- Family Support Group
- Financial Assistance

3. Nurturing Children & Youths
Anchoring our children and youths to an ecosystem of support for the promotion of their socio-emotional and physical well-being.
- BOLD+ Youth Mental Wellness
- Education Awards
- Tuition
- Early Literacy
- Holiday Enrichment

Together with our partners, stakeholders, donors, and volunteers, we remain steadfast to our vision of Improving lives and Impacting communities.


Fundraising can help to raise more and change more lives.

Children & Youth
Social Service