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About Us

Yong-en has been meeting the needs of the needy in Chinatown and beyond for 21 years. There are many subsidised one-room rental flats in the neighbourhood - a large number comprising of elderly living alone and families having difficulties making ends meet.
Yong-en provides the elderly with essential home nursing care support; financial assistance and monthly food rations to tide the individuals and families over tough times; and dementia day care services for elderly with dementia. Counselling, support groups and enrichment activities are also in place to assist with longer-term resolution.
Our core services: Dementia Day Care Service, Home Care Service, Counselling, Social Work and Referral Services
Yong-en exists to demonstrate God's love through value-added community services & support for the needy individuals and families in Chinatown and beyond.

Our Programmes

-effective dementia care for our beneficiaries
-therapeutic environment to give beneficiaries dignity

Rated 100% for Customer Satisfaction (Target: 85%)
Care goals achievement rate: 89% (Target: 85%)

Home Care Service:
-essential healthcare intervention for intermediate long term care
-transitional and continuity of medical/nursing needs to seniors discharged from hospitals

Rated 100% for Customer Satisfaction (Target: 85%)
Hospital Readmission Rate: 12.5% (Target: less than 30%)

Counselling, Social Work & Referral Service:
-Social Work
-Centre-Based Programmes

Impact: About 11,000 people have benefited from the above annually with 310 households benefitting from our food distribution programme. Many elderly beneficiaries are living on their own, and our food distribution programme acts as an effective befriending service to ensure they are supported by multiple "touch points" on a monthly basis.
  • Children & Youth
  • Elderly
  • Families

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