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Plastic, once hailed as a convenient solution, has now become an environmental crisis.

WWF-Singapore is working towards achieving "No Plastic in Nature by 2030". Your donations will fund our resources, research, and conservation initiatives. Every contribution helps us collaborate with local businesses and communities, and advocate for impactful policies, to drive meaningful change.

Started by WWF-Singapore, Plastic ACTion (PACT) is a business initiative that aims to reduce waste and move towards a circular economy.

Since the formation of PACT, several companies have committed to charging for single-use carrier bags in their outlets. Collectively, they have seen over 60% reduction of single-use bags, and over 300,000 bags are saved every month!

UN Member States, including Singapore, made the historic decision to develop an international legally binding instrument to end plastic pollution: the Global Plastic Treaty. WWF-Singapore has continuously advocated for strong policies, facilitating dialogues, and providing guidance to promote circularity, minimise waste, and explore reusable ecosystems.

The Eco-Schools framework guides students to conduct an environmental review of the school and transform the school into a sustainable campus. Engaging workshops and interactive sessions teach students about the harmful impacts of plastic waste on our planet, and resources provided by WWF allows students to create their own initiatives.

About the Charity

An independent conservation organisation active in nearly 100 countries, WWF works to sustain the natural world for the benefit of people and wildlife.

We started our WWF-Singapore office in March 2006 to educate individuals on making informed choices; to partner with businesses to help them identify sustainable business practices and reduce their ecological footprint and to collaborate with authorities and policymakers for enforcement efforts.

Together with you, we can address the greatest environmental threats in Singapore, and protect the natural resources that sustain and inspire us.
Registration number: World Wide Fund for Nature (Singapore) Limited (UEN T06CC1999F)


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