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Founded on 19 November 2001, World Toilet Organization (WTO) is a global non-profit committed to improving toilet and sanitation conditions worldwide. WTO empowers individuals through education, training and building local marketplace opportunities to advocate for clean and safe sanitation facilities in their communities. WTO celebrated its 16th UN World Toilet Day on 19th November 2016.


WTO is making strides across the world.Education We are spearheading education and capacity building in the area of sanitation through the World Toilet College India, where we empower local populations to build the skills necessary in achieving a clean India.HealthIn China, we are installing toilet in rural schools and promoting health and hygiene awareness to ensure school children have access to safe sanitation enabling them to have happier and healthier lives.LivelihoodIn Cambodia, our market-based solution SaniShop is aimed at improving the health of households by providing access to sanitation for people who would otherwise defecate in the open. In addition, SaniShop improves the livelihood of these people through job creation by a workforce of local masons, local production, sales managers and agents. The products at SaniShop are made using materials that are locally available - keeping the money in the local economy.

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