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About Us

Youth Guidance Outreach Services (YGOS) is a non-profit, charitable organisation that serves youths in the community for the last 24 years, making sure that every youth who comes through our doors receives the care and support that they greatly deserve.

As a Christian-value based youth services organisation (YSO), we seek to reach out and help these young people integrate well with the mainstream society and to adopt a lifestyle that makes a positive contribution to their schools and community.

Established in 1996, YGOS is registered as an independent entity with its own constitution, together with the Registry of Societies. We are an Institution of a Public Character (IPC) and a member with the National Council of Social Service (NCSS).

At YGOS, our mission is to provide hope to youths-at-risk and their families through caring relationships and developmental opportunities for the whole person.

Core objective: Prevent and combat juvenile delinquency in Singapore and to render public and social services in the community, reaching and helping youths-at-risk.

Our Centres:
- Community Rehabilitative Centre
- Ang Mo Kio Centre
- Woodlands Centre
- Geylang Centre

Our Programmes

PREVENTIVE (Initial symptoms of at-risk behaviour but negative effects not evident):
- School Social Work Programmes (SSW)
- Experiential Learning Mentoring Programme (ELMP) @ Drop-In Centre
- Mentoring Alliance Programme

DEVELOPMENTAL (Accelerate youth's development process to expand their potential)
- Smoking Cessation
- Got-to-Go Cyberwellness Programme
- Youth-at-Risk Engagement
- The Good Life Programme
- Youth-at-Risk Engagement
- Adventure Based Counselling
- Family Work

REMEDIAL (Problems surfaced and individual has difficulty coping)
- Diversionary programmes:
- Guidance Programme (GP)
- Streetwise Programme (SWP)
- ESU Programme

REHABILITATIVE (Facilitate community reintegration of underage drug offenders through holistic engagement )
- Our work at the Community Rehabilitative Centre seeks to facilitate community reintegration of underage drug offenders through holistic engagement that restores lives and reduces the risk of internal or external stressors.

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Our Wish List


Computers and desktops to help youths with their schoolwork and keeping up with digitalisation at our centres. Old desktop monitors are also welcome!

Home & Furniture

Used but still in great condition furniture such as Sofas will benefit our Ang Mo Kio Centre.

Sport and Outdoors

Sports or outdoor equipment will benefit our Outdoor Adventure Learning programmes. Youths with an interest in a particular sport may also benefit from these equipment.


Food packets, vouchers or provisions for youth clients' families in need would be great! Sometimes, youths that drop by our Centre do not have the means to buy lunch as they were not given enough pocket money. Your donation can keep these youths full and develop a healthy body & mind!

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Youth Guidance Outreach Services

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