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The Vision 2030 Fund was set up by Sport Singapore in 2014 as a charitable trust to enable donors to contribute in support of various programs for the advancement, promotion and development of sports in Singapore.

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Started in 2011, Vision 2030 is Sport Singapore's 20 year road map for using sport as a strategy for Singaporeans to have a healthier and better life through impactful experience for Sport. With Vision 2030, Singapore recognises the value of sport in advancing the national priorities of developing and bringing out the best in our people, and bonding our communities as One Team Singapore. Not only does sport help people lead healthier, happier lives, it plays an important role in character building and can impart the skill sets necessary for a society to achieve success and upward mobility in life. Vision 2030 is about changing mental models and using sport as a strategy to live better.To support the implementation of our national priorities, we need to strengthen partnerships, build capabilities, collaborate and coordinate the efforts of the People, Public and Private sectors in order to develop the entire sport eco-system in Singapore.
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