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About Us

Viriya Community Services (VCS) was established on 8 March 2001 as a social service agency. Our principal activities are aligned with our vision 'Caring for you; enhancing quality of life', and our mission 'To promote fulfilling lives by providing social services with the right effort and compassion'.

With the vision and mission in mind, VCS strives to make a positive and sustainable impact to the society and to be the most relevant and forward-looking community-based family-centric social service agency, supporting the community and upholding good corporate governance and professional capability. VCS is a society registered under the Societies Act, and a charity under the Charities Act. VCS is a full member of the National Council of Social Service, as well as an Institution of a Public Character (IPC).

VCS provides community-based family services, community mental health and health services, community development programmes and specialist services, including psychotherapy, psychological services, grief and bereavement support services, and employee assistance programmes. Every year, our multi-disciplinary team of social workers, counsellors, family therapists and psychologists and other professionals support more than 5,000 individuals and families regardless of race and religion.

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Our Programmes

Family Services
Helping and supporting families, individuals and children in need - Whispering Hearts FSC and Viriya FSC

Community Mental Health
Promoting mental wellness by providing integrated professional social services to individuals, families and caregivers - Viriya Mental Wellness Hub

Specialist Services
Providing specialised individual and family therapy, clinical psychological assessments and interventions, as well as grief support services and training - Viriya Therapy Centre

Community Health
Viriya Children Medical Programme - Assisting children who need long term medical care
Viriya Elderly Medical Programme - Helping elderly receive appropriate care and assistance to age in place with dignity

Community Development
Facilitating community organisation and social action to build connected communities committed to take collective actions to promote social well-being, community resilience, address community issues and provide mutual support to its members

Financial Assistance Programmes
Viriya MediAssist Fund - Joint collaboration between VFSC and Potong Pasir CCC to cover basic and medical needs of Potong Pasir residents
Viriya Children Education Fund - Acknowledging and rewarding effort of children and youths with good academic improvement despite challenges in academic learning or family financial constraints
Viriya GAP Fund - Focusing on basic needs and to support educational needs and development opportunities for those from disadvantaged backgrounds
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Viriya Community Services

Viriya Community Services

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