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TDR will be issued for donations of $50 and above.


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About Us

**VCS is seeking the support from our friends and community to contribute in helping our clients from disadvantaged and vulnerable background whose livelihood are affected by COVID-19.

From now till 30 June 2020, ALL donations to Viriya Community Services will be channeled to direct assistance for their:
- Urgent basic care needs
- Critical needs related to risk and safety issues of individuals and families
- Developmental needs, especially education of children

Join us in reaching out and supporting VCS Solidarity Donation Drive!
No amount is too small and every contribution counts. **

Viriya Community Services (VCS) is a charitable organisation founded in 2001 dedicated to our vision of caring for the community with compassion and concern.

Our mission is to bring joy and enhance the quality of life by providing care and assistance to families and individuals in need of support in Singapore regardless of race and religion.

Our outreach has grown over the years as we strive to better meet the needs of all members of the society.

We will continue to enhance our capability and capacity regardless in the new or enhanced existing programmes to meet the anticipated needs of the community.

Our Programmes

Fund raising is an on-going exercise that needs your warm support in order to sustain our programmes.
At VCS, we have a range of programmes that can align with your community goals.

They are:
1. Whispering Hearts Family Service Centre - Helping families, individuals & children in need.

2. Viriya Family Service Centre - Helping families, individuals & children in need.

3. Viriya Therapy Centre - Provides specialised individual and family therapy, expressive arts therapy, clinical psychological assessments and interventions and grief support programme.

4. Teen Action Project & Project New Leaf - Helping youth-at-risk through workshops and activities under guidance from their mentors.

5. My Centre @ Moulmein - Helping families and elderly in promoting active aging, inter-generation interaction and family bonding.

6. Viriya-KK Children's Hospital HomeCare Programme - Providing financial and emotional support to chronically-ill children and their caregivers.

7. Viriya Children's Medical Programme - Assisting children who need long term medical care.

8. Viriya Children's Education Fund - Acknowledge and reward the effort of our children and youths who have achieved good academic improvement despite challenges in academic learning or family financial constraints.

9. Viriya Elderly Medical Programme - Helping elderly receive appropriate care and assistance to age in place with dignity.
  • Children & Youth
  • Education
  • Elderly
  • Families

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