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About Us

Established in December 1958, St. John's Home for Elderly Persons is a Sheltered Home for elderly persons who are ambulant and aged above 60.

Our Mission is to provide shelter and care to meet the physical and spiritual needs of elderly persons who have no home and no children or close relatives with adequate resources to care for them.

The Home is open to all regardless of race or creed.

We are not a Government-subvented Home and depend largely on the public's generosity to enable us to continue our work. Your donations will be greatly appreciated.

Our Programmes

1. Residential Care
As a Sheltered Home for needy elderly persons, we provide long-term residential care including accommodation, meals, laundry and basic medical care.

2. Physiotherapy Programme
We have physiotherapy exercises six days a week for our Residents with their respective Individual Care Plan (ICP) reviewed every six months. A professional physiotherapist assesses our Residents' physical conditions, plans suitable programmes, and guides our in-house Physiotherapy Aides to implement the ICP.

3. Counselling Services
Professional counsellors conduct Individual and Group Counselling sessions. Our in-house Assistant Counsellor provides counselling care to our Residents five days a week.

4. Worship and Fellowship Gatherings
Sessions are conducted by volunteers. Prayer and Praise Fellowship sessions are held on weekdays and Church Services are conducted on Sundays.

5. Medical Services
For Residents who are on the Public Assistance (PA) Scheme, our staff escorts them for their medical appointments. For non-PA Residents, we track their drug prescriptions and medical appointments and ensure that their family or relatives attend to their medical needs in a timely manner.

6. Other Programmes and Activities
There are also weekly activities planned and conducted by our volunteers and staff to keep our Residents active engaging them socially, mentally, emotionally. These include karaoke and sing-a-long sessions, board game

Our Wish List


Food Items
- Cereal or Oats
- Jam Bread Spread
- Margarine spread
- Canned Baked Beans
- Canned Baby Corn
- Canned Fruit Cocktail or Peach
- Canned Mushrooms
- Full Cream Milk Powder
- Condensed Milk
- Evaporated Milk
- Milo
- Salt
- Sugar
- Chicken Seasoning Powder (1kg tub)
- English Tea Bags
- Cooking Oil
- Sesame Oil (big bottles)
- Assorted Biscuit (not Soda Crackers)
- Luncheon Meat (Less Salt)
- Light Soya Sauce
- Instant Noodles (Plain)

Kitchen & Appliances

Housekeeping Items
- White Trash Bags (Office use)
- Black Trash Bags (Large size)
- Disposable Gloves (Food handling)
- Disposble Vinyl Gloves (Clinic use)
- Jumbo Toilet Rolls
- Serviette Paper Napkins
- Bleach
- Hand Wash Liquid
- Floor Cleaner

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St. John's Home For Elderly Persons

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