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The Sustain the Arts (stART) Fund is a joint initiative by the National Arts Council (NAC) and the private sector to boost the long-term sustainability of small arts organisations, and to nurture a culture of giving to the arts. The need is especially pronounced today due to the disruptions and implications that COVID-19 has brought to everyone, especially the arts and culture scene.

The fund is administered by NAC and is set up to help arts organisations which have limited resources to scale up and establish robust governance structures. The stART Fund also aims to help these small arts organisations create and present quality programmes that contribute to the vibrancy of Singapore's arts and culture ecosystem. Such programmes include those with community impact that enable more people to enjoy the arts, enhance the arts experience through digital technology, and encourage audiences to reflect on and celebrate Singapore's cultural identity.

The stART Fund is managed as a sub-fund under the Support of the Arts Fund (SFAF), a registered charity with IPC status under the Charities Act. Hence, all donations to the stART Fund will be eligible for 250% tax deductions.

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During these times of crisis, many have turned to the arts for connection and comfort. This pandemic has spurred the arts community to unleash their creativity as they continue to delight and entertain on new platforms. As we look beyond the immediate challenges, there are plans to resume small-scale live performances with safety management measures put in place.

Through the stART Fund, NAC will work with private donors and rally the community to build a vibrant arts scene for Singapore that is sustainable for both the short-term and long-term. With the continued efforts of our partners, it is a testament to our resilience during a time of crisis as we continue to foster a culture of giving to the arts.

Together, let's continue to stand united and emerge stronger as a nation.
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