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About Us

SSVP Ltd is an affiliate of the Society of St Vincent de Paul National Council of Singapore - "SSVP NCS" (which is also a registered charity since 1961). SSVP Ltd was incorporated on 28 February 2019 to manage and operate select SSVP nationwide programmes and services that are operated centrally, providing specialised support needed by our Friends In Need (FINs), across Singapore.

It is a registered charity and an Institution of a Public Character (IPC) with effect from 19 March 2021.

Funds will be used to cover our operational costs and expenses including:
- Community Services Programme ("CSO") which has social work practitioners who assist FINs with more complex issues and play an essential role in helping them to stand on their own feet again to lead resilient and dignified lives.
- Milk and Diapers Programme ("MaD") which provides nutrition for babies during their crucial development from birth to three years old.
- New Social & Development Programmes that will be implemented in future to better address the complex needs of our FINs.

Our Programmes

The MaD Programme currently supports over 300 babies/toddlers (families) island wide with a target to increase to 400 by the end of 2023.

CSO manages more complex cases as well as provides holistic case management support on wide-raging needs including matrimonial, behavioural, employment, education, financial, mental health and housing support. The social work practitioners also provide needed information and referrals for aid and resources from other social service and government agencies.

One family SSVP Ltd has helped are Mr and Mrs Abbas (not their real names) who were living in a rented room three months in arrears and facing eviction. Already on financial aid from social agencies, the family was barely making ends meet repaying commercial loans and raising two young children on a single income.

Referred to SSVP Ltd, the family was immediately placed on the programme. CSO worked closely with the Family Service Centre to expedite their application for a government rental flat. Today, the family is securely settled in a HDB rental flat. The children attend a day care centre, freeing Mrs Abbas to work at a market selling vegetables.

Another FIN we have helped is Shanti (not her real name). She was financially strapped, trapped in an abusive marriage and suffered from depression. Life is now hopeful with our help. For Shanti's full story, go to
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