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Supported by the Ministry of Social and Family Development (MSF), Special Needs Trust Company (SNTC) is the only non-profit trust company set up to provide affordable trust services for persons with disabilities. Since 2014, the Special Needs Savings Scheme (SNSS) is also administered by SNTC. The purpose of SNTC is to provide a vehicle that ensures the financial security of persons with special needs is met when their parents or caregivers pass on. At SNTC, we have a team of trained social workers who will work with the caregivers to develop individualised care plans for each special beneficiary to meet their long-term care needs.

Our Programmes

Trust Service

Case managers from SNTC work with caregivers to develop a care plan that provides for the long-term financial and care needs of their dependants with special needs. These caregivers can use the SNTC trust to safeguard the monies they intend to leave behind for their special needs dependant. All monies in the SNTC trust fund are managed by the Public Trustee's Office and the principal value of the trust fund is guaranteed by the Government.

Special Needs Savings Scheme

SNTC also administers the Special Needs Savings Scheme (SNSS) on MSF's behalf. The SNSS is an extension of the current CPF nomination scheme. The SNSS is another savings option for parents of special needs children to provide for their long-term care needs. Under the SNSS, the nominating parents can nominate their children to receive fixed monthly disbursements from their CPF savings after the parent's demise.


Many elderly caregivers find it financially challenging for them to set aside $5,000 to open the trust account for their special needs dependents, but they need the trust infrastructure to receive their future assets such as proceeds from the sale of their HDB property, monies from their CPF savings and insurance policies. Your kind donation will help these caregivers who do not have much savings but have substantial non-liquid assets to be given to the trust upon their own demise.
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