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About Us

At SingYouth Hub, the simple act of empowering goes a long way, and we believe in youth development and engagement. Here, youths have every opportunity to make their mark on a bigger stage and to impact communities. As we continue to find ways to make a difference with our communities and charities, one thing remains constant_our commitment to our cause_from empowering to impact.
Vision Statement "We imagine a world where inspired and empowered youths change communities for the better"
Mission Statement "To educate and mentor empowered youths to be agents for social change"

Our Programmes

Core Values
1. We want to change lives through education and mentorship
2. We want to build social values in communities
3. We challenge the status quo with courage in finding new ways grow ourselves and each other
4. We want to nurture ideas and passion is at the heart of everything we do

Our Wish List


We are looking for passionate & skilful volunteers to join our new journey towards mental well-being, advocate for our cause.

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