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About Us

At SingHealth Community Hospitals (SCH), we aim to deliver a seamless and integrated care path for patients requiring rehabilitation, sub-acute, and palliative care.

We believe that our patients' recovery journey goes beyond just medical care. Our multi-disciplinary teams aim to help our patients recover not just medically, but also empower them to integrate back into the community after discharge. Together, we want to shape the way we deliver person-centred care, from beyond the hospital to the community.

You can support the work of SCH through:

Giving at SCH

Your generosity helps support our needy patients to access their necessary treatment regardless of their socioeconomic status, as well as those who require assistance on prescribed essential services by the medical team such as transport, medical equipment and consumables.

The SCH Health Fund also supports work in clinical research, patient support programmes, and social prescribing projects such as community health education and collaborations with community partners. Read on below to see how your gift impacts the lives of our patients!

Volunteering at SCH

As an SCH Volunteer, you can help bring joy and delight to the lives of our patients. Volunteers assist in our patients' psychosocial recovery, and are of tremendous importance in their overall recovery journey.

The care and companionship you provide in your participation in various patient activities bring joy and comfort to our patients.

Our Programmes

At SingHealth Community Hospitals (SCH), our focus goes beyond healthcare to health. To promote healing, our community hospitals provide a homely environment for patients to recuperate and take part in well-paced personalised care. With Singapore's rapidly ageing population, there is an extra need to ensure that care can also be coordinated closer to home.

SCH Health Fund is set up with the aim of helping our needy patients who requires assistance that are not within the framework of healthcare financing (MediFund) or available social assistance schemes (e.g. Seniors' Mobility Fund) but deemed as essential in the care of the patient. Through the Fund, patients will be able to access necessary treatment regardless of their socioeconomic status.

The Fund also supports community health and other patient-related projects, including interim dialysis for patients awaiting for long term dialysis placement from dialysis providers in the community, purchasing of patient-care equipment/appliances, supplementing their medical and health needs. In addition, your donation to the Fund also helps to support our work in clinical care, research and education as well as patient support programmes.

Your generous donation can make a big difference in the lives of our patients beyond hospital to the community.

All donations received are managed by SingHealth Fund (SHF), an institution of Public Character (UEN 201624016E).
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