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The STTA is committed to its mission: To develop world class table tennis players by identifying, nurturing and motivating aspiring table-tennis talents to become the best that they could be. The STTA will continue to emphasis on youth development and groom talented athletes from a very young age. The STTA has plans to expand the pre-school table tennis programme and to get the children to learn sport of table tennis from a very young age.

Talented and promising players from the pre-school programmes are invited to join the association's zone training centres. The zone training centres are important to our local youth development as they are instrumental in strengthening the process of discovering and nurturing young and potential talents in a structured and sustainable manner.

To date, the STTA has a total of 7 zone training centres located strategically island wide. We hope to increase the number of zone training centres, if there is a growing demand for the sport.

Our Programmes

We seek your generous support towards the Singapore Table Tennis Association (STTA). The fund raising efforts will go towards our youth development programmes, sports excellence plans and its operational cost.

The STTA is sparing no efforts to develop our young talents into Champions tomorrow. One of our youth development programme is the STTA-PCF table tennis programme. Our early introduction of table tennis programme to pre-scholars at the PAP community Foundation (PCF) Kindergartens has reached over 7,000 children since its inception in 2009. We are pleased to share that talented young players from the STTA-PCF table tennis programme are invited to train at our zone training centres to be further nurtured and developed into sporting Champions.

We are fully committed to continuing to play our part in growing the sport, and building that next generation of table tennis talents. We are appealing to you to support our cause by making a donation to STTA.
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