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About Us

The Singapore Book Council (SBC) is an independent charity with IPC status. Established in 1968 to support Singapore authors and literature, SBC aims to Build Our Imagine-nation by developing creativity, imagination, original thought and empathy. We focus on creative writing, translation, illustration, storytelling and reading. We are committed to developing the literary arts sector through our festivals, training workshops and courses, as well as book awards to recognise excellence.

Because it all starts with a story.

VISION: International recognition for quality, diverse Singapore literature.

MISSION: To develop, support and advocate a multicultural literary arts sector.

Our Programmes

SBC supports the community at all levels, from language programmes and books for children, to aspiring individuals and professionals like writers, illustrators, storytellers and relevant industry partners by providing a platform to learn, network and collaborate. It also organises events to foster professional and community engagement like the annual Asian Festival of Children's Content and All In! Young Writers Festival, and grants prestigious awards, like the Singapore Literature Prize, to recognise and encourage excellence. Finally, SBC offers publishing-related and literary arts-focused courses and workshops to enhance skills and encourage lifelong learning through its training arm, the Academy of Literary Arts and Publishing.

SBC aims to become a hub for Asian content for the world, encouraging stories to be created and told across platforms. Through telling our own stories by writing or illustrations, it promotes understanding, impacts legacy and connects Asia with the world.

Because it all starts with a story.
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