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About Us

We know you care because LOVE IS NOT RARE. Individuals with rare diseases form a minority in our society that receive little or no attention. Due to the lack of resources, they may not receive timely and accurate diagnosis, which can cause serious complications including disability and death. The charity understands the fight on a deeply personal level and keeps in mind the needs of this community at all times. Our collective efforts will allow patients to have access to sustainable treatments and live a quality life.

Our Programmes

Financial Support:
Medical Intervention Support Scheme
Power For Life Scheme
Special Formula Subsidy Scheme
Consumable Support Scheme
RDSS CB Care Package (during Covid-19)

Psychosocial Support:
Home-based Learning and Therapy
RDSS Friendship Day
RDSS outdoor/indoor activities

Emotional Support:
Caregivers Networking Sessions
Sibling Outings
Parent Support Group

Informational Support:
Rare Disorders Patient Handbook
Rare Disease Day
Educational Programmes
Advocacy Campaigns
Carry Hope Run

Our Wish List


Medical Equipment
Special Formula Milk Powder
Home-based Learning
Siblings Friendship Activities
Caregiver Respite & Support
Informational Suport

  • Children & Youth
  • Community
  • Disability
  • Health

Kenneth Mah

Rare Disorders Society (Singapore)

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