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About Us

PM Haze (People's Movement to Stop Haze) was founded by a group of friends who had the vision to stop the transboundary haze crises in our region. Since our conception in 2014, we have committed to solve the regional transboundary haze crisis, driving sustainable consumption in Singapore and empowering overseas communities whose lives depend on delicate peatland ecosystems.

Currently, we have 6 palm oil-based retail cooking oil brands that are certified sustainable in Singapore from just 1 in 2016. As of 2019, 10 F&B brands, including one hotel, which house about 200 outlets in Singapore serve food cooked with certified sustainable palm oil, an increase from only 2 outlets in 2015. In 2019, we co-organised the world's first Asian Youths for Sustainable Palm Oil Summit in Bangkok. We have organised the first trip from Singapore to visit peatlands in Malaysia and have developed a peatland restoration programme in Sungai Tohor, that is both community centric and founded on scientific basis.

Our Programmes

Locally we organise talks, workshops and community events to encourage people in Singapore to take ownership of the air we breathe. Our flagship #GoHazeFree event gives everyday Singaporeans the opportunity to reach out to local businesses in Singapore to find out more about their palm oil consumption and give them the opportunity to switch to haze free palm oil.

Our overseas programme focuses on a community centric approach to restoring degraded peatlands. PEEP (People's Expedition to Experience Peat) is the one and only trip in Singapore that has given participants the chance to learn more about how to protect our peatlands and prevent haze. We will bring you on a journey to the Air Hitam Forest Reserve to learn about community efforts to restore peatlands and plant a few trees while you are there.

Since 2017, we have been working on a holistic peatland restoration programme. Our programme in Sungai Tohor is one of the few peatland restoration programmes that takes on both community centric and science-based approaches to revegetate and rewet degraded peatland areas. PM Haze has provided resources to the community via Indonesian community partners, EKA, to enable their work and empower them to take ownership of their natural environment.
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