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About Us

O School Ltd is a Singapore-based charity with IPC status established in 2006. Our mission is to build dance communities and develop dance economies through various programs and initiatives. O School is also a major arts company supported by the National Arts Council.

We firmly believe that dance is an excellent way to promote fitness, expression, and confidence building for individuals. Dancing as a collective also fosters responsibility, trust, and teamwork. With this in mind, we offer a range of services, including dance classes, performances, choreography, talent agency, and creative production.

Our primary goal is not only to provide employment for talented dancers but also to foster audience and dance sector development through various programming and events initiatives. One of our most significant contributions to the industry is the Super 24 Dance competition, which brings together dancers from all over the world to compete in a high-energy and unique competition which celebrates teamwork and creativity.

We are also proud of our School Performance Tours, which bring the joy of dance to schools and communities across Singapore. These tours are a fun and engaging way to promote dance and help young audiences understand the various styles of dance and how it can be used for story telling.

At O School Ltd, we are committed to building a vibrant and sustainable dance industry in Singapore and beyond. Join us as we continue to move our world.

Our Programmes

At O School Ltd, we are proud to have a strong track record of community engagement through our various programmes and events. On average, we reach over 10,000 participants or audiences collectively, and we are committed to continuing to expand our reach.

We believe that our community programmes and events are critical in showcasing and developing youth dance talents. However, we cannot do it alone. That's why we humbly request your support for these initiatives.

Your support will allow us to ensure that our programmes and events remain accessible to all members of the community. With your help, we can continue to provide opportunities for young dancers to showcase their skills, develop their talents, and contribute to the vibrant dance community here in Singapore.

Together, we can make a meaningful difference in the lives of young dancers and promote the importance of dance as an art form and a tool for personal growth and community building. Thank you for considering supporting our programmes and events.

In 2023, O School has scheduled the following community programmes/events:

1) July to August - Super 24 Dance Competition

2) December - Love For Dance (L4D) Varsity Camp

3) All year round - Six.5 School Tour

Our Wish List


Looking forward to spicing up your venue with some joyfulness?

We are looking for sponsors for accommodation collaboration for our artiste's stay and post production parties!


Support 'A COMMON SPACE TO GROW' by providing us with food/bento sponsorship, for our event crews and participants.


We are also actively looking for prize sponsors to provide products/merchandises from their organization, as rewards for the winners.

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