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Formed in November 2011, the Nadi Singapura ensemble is made up of young, aspiring and impartial musos who believe in uplifting their traditional drums and percussions like no other. Nadi, which means 'pulse' or 'flow of consciousness' in Malay, features the most common Malayan drums found in Singapore namely the kompang, rebana, jidur and gendang in their performances. The ensemble is led by two renowned individuals in the Singapore Malay Arts scene, Rebana artisan, Yaziz Hassan and prominent drummer/ percussionist, Riduan Zalani. Both founders aim to position Nadi Singapura as a dynamic ensemble which adopts an innovative approach in the use of the Malay Archipelago drums.

Nadi Singapura Ltd is a recipient of the National Arts Council's Major Grant for the period from 1 April 2019 to 31 March 2022 and is registered as a charity organisation under the Charities Act.

Our Programmes

Nadi Singapura Ltd, while still early in its pursuit, also actively participates and leads in initiatives to promote the traditional arts, including inter-disciplinary and inter-cultural exchanges through programmes such as Yok Sembang Gendang, Himpunan Serumpun, SERENTAK and Singa Drum Gaia among others. The aim of the formation of the Nadi Singapura ensemble is to spread the sounds of the Malayan Archipelago, with its unique and distinct presentation coming from the lion city.
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