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The overall objectives of Jamiyah Singapore, in the background of the higher ideals and universal values of Islam include the following:To promote the social, economic and spiritual wellbeing of Muslims To promote education, educational initiatives to benefit Muslims and othersTo cooperate and affiliate with internal and external organizations in matters of common interest in the spirit of Islamic valuesTo provide welfare services for the benefit of community, regardless of race or religionTo set up childcare centres benefiting the poor, children of single parents and children of working parentsTo provide residential facility for refractory children, juvenile delinquents, orphans and aged destitute and girls in moral depravityTo run mini hospitals and nursing care servicesTo set up halfway house for ex-drug addicts To provide counseling services To provide hostel services and To initiate income generating projects to sustain its various programmes and services

Our Programmes

  • Children & Youth
  • Community
  • Disability

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