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About Us

We are a member of National Council of Social Services. We have obtained IPC status since Jan 2015. Donations are eligible for 250% tax deduction.

iC@RE HUB focuses on provision of temporary shelter programme to help homeless women, ex-offenders and women in recovery from addictions. Our vision for them is that
- they will be gainfully employed,
- they will have permanent housing,
- they can be financially independent,
- they will live a meaningful life free from addiction and actively contributing towards society.

Our Programmes

Our proprietary Individual Transitional Accommodation Programme (iTAP) enjoys more than 80% success rate. iC@RE HUB provides a temporary shelter programme to help them transit and reintegrate into society in a safe and stable environment.

Our programme components include:
1a) CASE MANAGEMENT: iC@RE HUB will provide case management during their period of stay. This may also include working with their family members or significant others to support their recovery, helping them with budgeting and money management, psycho-education on the harmful nature of addiction, identifying triggers and relapse prevention strategies.

1b) INDIVIDUAL COUNSELLING & FAMILY THERAPY: We offer individual counselling, couple therapy , family intervention works and group therapy. All clients are required to attend compulsory counselling sessions which are important to help them anchor their first step to recovery and to work out issues that hinder their progress in recovery. Specialised counselling offered include marriage counselling, addiction counselling and religious counselling (upon request). Counselling is also important in equipping them with the relevant coping skills in life and to rebuild their lives and family ties and finally to successfully reintegrate into society.

2) ASSISTANCE IN PERMANENT HOUSING: The most immediate casework is to help the client to identify her housing needs, and provide support and advice in arrangement for permanent housing.
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