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TDR will be issued for donations of $50 and above.


How Your Donation Makes a Difference

About Us

Grace Lodge was set up by late Venerable Yen Pei in January 1985 and officially opened on 16th March 1986 by the late Mr. Ong Teng Cheong, the Second Prime Minister then.

We are a voluntary and charitable home. We provide nursing care, palliative care, dementia care and respite care services with residential facilities.

It is our mission and vision to provide shelter and care for needy elderly, regardless of race or religion. Most of the elderly has nobody to look after them and are unable to care for themselves. You can make their stay better by donating.

All contributions received will be used for the provision of nursing / physiotherapy and medical care. Donation also goes to fun activities that are organized for the residents. These activities put smiles to their faces and these smiles show that they have, for the brief moment, forgotten about pain and loneliness.

Together we take the first step to help the needy and aged sick, firming their second step to Journey of HOPE... Your Kind Donation makes a Difference!

Our Programmes

- Specialist Services such as Geriatric and Psycho - Geriatric Services
- Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy
- Speech Therapy
- Dietetic Services
- Recreational Activities and Helping Hands by Trained Volunteers
- Nursing, Medical Care
  • Elderly
  • Health
  • Social Service

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Grace Lodge

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