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About Us

Centre 42 is a theatre development space committed to the creation, documentation and promotion of text-based works for the Singapore stage.

In the last 6 years, we have transformed the pre-war bungalow along Waterloo Street into a well-loved blue house: a home for independent artists and collectives; a safe space to trial and create new works; a repository of our local theatre history and resources.

Our objectives are:
1.To nurture talent and incubate content, particularly in the area of text-based works and playwriting;
2.To build public awareness and appreciation for Singapore theatre; and
3.To be a focal point for research, documentation and critical discourse on the development of Singapore theatre.

As we strive to do even more for the scene in the coming years, we need your help! With theatres and creation spaces now closed, and many arts freelancers are without jobs for the foreseeable months, we hope to offer avenues of creation, documentation and training workshops and presentations that will sustain the livelihoods of our art-making community.

Every contribution enables us to continue growing Singapore's theatre scene through our myriad of programmes and initiatives. As a grant recipient of the National Arts Council for FY2020-22, we are funded partially for our work. We still need to raise at least 45% of our annual operations costs in order to sustain growing our scene in local theatre. We need YOUR help!


Our Programmes

Since we opened our doors in April 2014, we have grown to be home to more than 170 artists and theatre collectives, supported the development of over 200 new theatrical projects, and brought theatre magic to more than 40,000 audiences.

Our programmes and resources cater to content creators and audiences interested in new texts/creation processes. Some notable programmes include:

"The Vault"- a public presentation platform where the artist researches and revisits Singapore Theatre history and/or a play, and provides a contemporary response to the topic in their own medium.

"Incubation Residencies"- catered for independent artists and collectives experimenting on and creating new works, where the outcome is learning from the process, not necessarily a staged production.

"The Repository"- a growing digital archive of theatre production ephemera showcasing Singapore's theatre history from the 1960s. Current collection comprise over 15 theatre companies and festivals' print ephemera.

"Late-Night Texting"- an annual affair of text-based performances showcasing a diverse group of emerging voices and new works, held in conjunction with the Singapore Night Festival.

All programmes are FREE for participating artists and audiences. Public presentations are documented and accessible on our website. We believe in investing in the development of artists and their craft, and in providing access to audiences to understand the process of making work.

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