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About Us

Established in 1975, Breadline Group is a charity organization that runs solely by volunteers with no paid staff. We shared a common objective of lifting the lives of those who fall through the cracks.

At Breadline, we believe that no one should be denied help especially the lesser served individuals who does not qualify for public assistance. We are committed to see through each deserving case and help them regain their footing.

Breadline operate with minimal overheads from members' homes so that the funds we raise can go directly to the families in need. We are proud to share that our annual running cost has consistently stayed below 1% of annual turnover.

Funding for Breadline comes entirely from individuals, foundations, corporations and fund raising projects. As a low cost charity, donors can donate with confidence as any amount donated are put in good use and goes directly to the beneficiaries.

Our Programmes

Breadline Group provide support from different financial assistance initiatives that helps the beneficiaries navigate through their challenges in life.

With our Family Adoption Scheme, our volunteers visit the adopted families each month to provide financial assistance and offer them with a pillar of support to gain greater independence in their life. Most of the families adopted were the aged with multiple health issues and have difficulties in coping with their daily lives.

Besides, Breadline Group also support other initiatives like the Hot Meal Scheme where we assisted in funding hot meals that are served to the needy in the community.
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