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Babes Pregnancy Crisis Support Ltd offers support to pregnant teenagers by proactively providing information and community resources that facilitate responsible decision making. Babes believes that support from her family, friends and wider community is essential for a pregnant teenager to make her decision responsibly and for her to experience a sense of normalcy in this difficult period.

Our Programmes

Case Management:
a) 24 Hours Helpline
b) Casework and Counselling: Babes will go through the options with the pregnant teenager with a view of facilitating a responsible decision and action. We will meet the girl at a time and place that she is comfortable with and will journey with her to ensure that she is well supported by her family, friends and wider community in her decision and is able to carry out her decision as best as possible through problem de-escalation, family strengthening and community integration.
c) Postnatal Support by linking the girls to volunteer confinement nannies trained by WINGS.
d) Babes Empowerment Camp - a targeted program for our service-users that focus on finding self-worth, self-esteem and confidence.
e) Skills-based Workshops - workshops that are fun and engaging to impart service-users with skill sets that they can potentially utilise towards financial empowerment.
f) Bridging Program - sponsoring service-users to attend courses to increase their employability and improve their job-seeking prospects.
g) Happy Stork - formula milk and diapers program to support low-income service-users to ease their financial challenges in the interim while they work towards stability.

a) Fundraising
b) Volunteer Management, befriending services
c) Skills-based training
d) Employment assistance
e) Financial assistance
  • Children & Youth
  • Women & Girls

Babes Pregnancy Crisis Support Ltd

Babes Pregnancy Crisis Support Ltd

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