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About Us

Established in 1970, AWWA is a social service agency delivering a wide range of programmes and services. These include early intervention for pre-schoolers, education and integration support for children and adults with additional needs, social assistance for vulnerable families, and care services for seniors. Through our programmes and services, we strive to empower the disadvantaged to maximise their potential to lead dignified and independent lives.

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Our Programmes

Health and Senior Care
Health & Senior Care offers a range of support services to maximize the independence & quality of care of the elderly through the provision of exemplary social support & physical care by a team of qualified, dedicated staff and volunteers.

Disability Support
The services have been designed to help children and youth with physical and developmental challenges integrate into their schools and the community so that they can reach their fullest potential.

Education and Development
AWWA aims to provide pupils with special needs educational and support services in a holistic and nurturing environment.

Family & Caregiver Support
AWWA strengthens communities by strengthening families and caregivers. Our family and caregiver services are provided in conjunction, to ensure a coordinated, holistic support system for families.
  • Children & Youth
  • Disability
  • Education
  • Elderly

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