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About Us

ARTDIS (Singapore) Ltd, formerly known as Very Special Arts Singapore, is a leading charity dedicated to creating learning and livelihood opportunities for persons with disabilities in the arts.

Started in 1993, ART:DIS continues the hard work and sacrifices made by our stakeholders over the past 28 years to organise art programmes, workshops, projects, collaborations, exhibitions and performances for persons with disabilities.

ART:DIS represents the pathways that we create through the arts for persons with disabilities to express themselves, gain confidence and be part of a community that is rewarding.

Through the 3Es (Enable, Empower, Engage) ART:DIS aims to inspire our artists, volunteers, partners and donors to participate in a community that is dedicated to giving back and creating a more inclusive society.

Our Programmes

ARTDIS (Singapore) Ltd provides continuous learning opportunities for persons with disabilities in the arts through our three different pathways. Each pathway consists of four levels - Foundation, Artist-In-Training, Emerging Artist, and Professional Artist.

As our person-centred approach looks into the holistic development of each student, placement and progression to the next level are pegged to the ability and pace of learning of the student. Within each level, we offer numerous programmes that will stretch a student's potential.
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ARTDIS (Singapore) Ltd.

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