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About Us

Since 2011, Arc has served as a safe and healthy daycare centre outside the hospital for more than 200 children, ages 3-16 years, with cancer or other life-threatening illnesses and their families, regardless of race or religion. Besides our education and enrichment programmes, we provide nutritious meals, transport, physiotherapy, behavioural therapy and counselling for the children.

Everything we do in our circle of care is founded on our 5 values:
- Simplicity: To first and foremost meet the basic needs of the families in our care while giving thanks to life's simple gifts
- Joy: Uplift the children and their families with the spirit of joyous giving
- Compassion: Love is at the heart of all we do and the reason we are passionate about helping these children in need
- Support: We offer families a foundation of hope to build upon during difficult times
- Commitment: Our steadfast team of staff and volunteers are devoted to the well being of the children and families in our care

Our Programmes

Arc is a centre without classrooms to allow the children and their siblings to be together within sight of each other, studying together as a family. Education is grouped by age and/or intellectual abilities with individual attention. Qualified teachers conduct daily lessons (including Mandarin and Malay) for Nursery, Kindergarten 1 & 2, Primary and Secondary levels.
All the activities are for the children's development of their physical, emotional and social well-being.

The children are given the chance to participate in activities such as:
- Brain Gym
- Tomatis
- Home Economics
- Music
- Phonics
- Speech & Drama
- Jazz Dance
- Physical Exercise Sessions
- Taekwondo
- Yoga
- Zumba Dancing
- Excursions and Celebrations
- Stay-over camps twice a year
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