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About Us

Since 2011, Arc has served as a sanctuary for more than 200 children, ages 3-16 years, with cancer or other life-threatening illnesses and their families, regardless of race or religion.

Our Vision is for every child who comes, to find joy again.

The Mission of Arc is to provide a sanctuary for each child's holistic development and learning. We aim to inspire these children confidence to lead a fulfilling life.

To nurture a supportive community for the children and their families.

Our Programmes

Arc is a centre without classrooms to allow the children and their siblings to be together within sight of each other, studying together as a family. Education is grouped by age and/or intellectual abilities with individual attention. Qualified teachers conduct daily lessons (including Mandarin and Malay) for Nursery, Kindergarten 1 & 2, Primary and Secondary levels.
All the activities are for the children's development of their physical, emotional and social well-being. There is also the fun elements of sleep-over camps, dance & music which they love and parties with special makan which they enjoy. And the parties will always end with presents galore!
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Ronita Paul

Arc Children's Centre Co Ltd

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