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About Us

Financial education is key to a secure future. At Aidha, we are passionate about changing the lives of foreign domestic workers and other low-income women. Aidha' s unique holistic curriculum includes computer and confidence building classes in addition to financial education and equips students with the skills and confidence to achieve economic security.

Aidha is an award-winning charity with Institution of Public Charter status, we have worked with more than 5,000 women since our inception in 2006 and we have about 450 students enrolled in our programmes at any given time

Our Programmes

Our highly-subsidised financial education curriculum offers 3 modules of 6 months.

Module 1 - Manage Your Money and Tech comprises of 3 types of courses:
- Money Management 1
- Communication and confidence
- Essential computer skills
Our students learn how to save and manage your money to improve their future, develop computer skills and improve self-confidence.

Module 2 - Plan Your Financial Future comprises of 2 types of courses:
- Money Management 2
- Communications & Leadership
Our students develop their personal financial plan and learn how to achieve it to make their future more financially stable.

Module 3 - Start Your Business comprises of 2 types of courses:
Business Strategy to understand the business environment and develop a strategy for their business.
Business Operations: Learn how to start a business and write a business plan.

Aidha also offers The Aidha Business Accelerator to provide support to Aidha Alumni who aspire to set up or strengthen their own businesses. The programme consists of 3 parts: workshops, small group mentoring and funding opportunities.

Improve Your English (6 months):
Students learn to communicate more effectively in English and increase confidence in speaking and writing English.
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