Our mission is to break barriers and create opportunities for the community to discover classical music performances through sincere music making.

About Us

The Singapore Pocket Opera Theatre or SPOT, as we call ourselves, is a travelling music ensemble formed by artists of various specialisations and art forms. Our folks are music instrumentalists, vocalists, playwright, and other media artists.

Our theatre is any conducive, unconventional space that might allow us to bring our craft to people who might otherwise, not have access to the arts.

Music has brought meaning to our lives and SPOT is our way of sharing that experience.

Our Programmes

The Singapore Pocket Opera stages stages not only opera productions, but also recital and concerts for the community to experience classical music.

As a result of our outreach efforts, some of our audience members have led us to start classical voice lessons and workshops!
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  • Community
  • Education
  • Families


Singapore Pocket Opera Theatre