BSL's mission is to serve all with love and care and support them to actively care for others and realising a community where everyone blossoms.

About Us

SG Cares Volunteer Centres (VCs) are operated by community based organisations that are responsible for building volunteer capacity, developing volunteer management capabilities, and fostering community partnerships to strengthen the towns' effectiveness in meeting communities' needs.

Blossom Seeds has been appointed to serve as the SG Cares Volunteer Centre @ Sembawang.

Kickstart your volunteering journey and make a difference in Sembawang town today. Sign up for volunteering opportunities listed on this page, or reach out to us for a quick chat if you have any enquiries.

Upon signing up, you will receive an application form, which you may fill for us to register you as a volunteer with us. Based on your areas of interest, we will connect you with the respective programme and initiatives in charge to kickstart your volunteering journey!

Join us to effect change in the community today! Find out more about SG Cares and the SG Cares Volunteer Centres at


Our Programmes

Support for Seniors
- Escort Kaki to bring vulnerable seniors for their medical appointments and treatments.
- Befriending Kaki to check on vulnerable seniors and support them to stay connected with the community.
- Active Ageing Programmes for multi-racial seniors of various mobility, to promote social cohesion, physical and mental well-beings.

Support for Children
- Homework Clinic for children who needs guidance with their home work.

Support for Disability
- Befriending with beneficiary, engage them on a regular basis to assessment and support their needs.
- Organised & conduct interest group activities.
  • Children & Youth
  • Disability
  • Elderly
  • Families

Serene Yap

SG Cares Volunteer Centre at Sembawang