Making the world awesome through youth who live out kindness and courage everyday in their community.

About Us

Imagine a community where every young person is valued and celebrated for who they are and who they are becoming.
Where every young person thrives with compassion, kindness, resilience, collaboration, creativity and empathy. That's what we do through our Beyond Awesome program.

Through our Beyond Awesome program, we focus on developing the emotional intelligence, resilience, confidence and compassion of our kids, exposing them to meaningful experiences and a wider network of role models. This, we believe, helps them to realise and recognise their own potential and have excitement as they look towards the future.

We also run various volunteering opportunities throughout the year through our broader Blessings in a Bag initiatives.

Our Programmes

We educate under-resourced children and youth to love growing into resilient, compassionate and emotionally intelligent leaders who uplift their communities. Our students live out kindness, courage + their beyond awesome potential, everyday.

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We are a volunteer-powered community that strives to provide every child and their family - in emergency or challenging situations - with the essentials they need to thrive and to feel safe, valued and joy. We partner with social-service organizations and bridge the gap between communities that have with communities that need who receive these items at no cost or through incentivised programs that enable them to take ownership of their situations.

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