Our vision: To be a light in society, relieving suffering and enriching lives with the love of Christ.

About Us

St. Andrew's Nursing Home (SANH) (Henderson) is a service of St. Andrew's Mission Hospital. Opened in February 2017, the home provides long-term residential care for up to 252 elderly residents. The home is co-located with St. Andrew's Senior Care (Henderson) which offers day care and rehabilitation services to the seniors residing in the vicinity.

Our Programmes

St. Andrew's Nursing Home (Henderson):
- Rehabilitative exercises
- Cognitive cum social skills training
- Social and recreational activities

St. Andrew's Senior Care (Henderson):
- Maintenance day care
- Dementia day care (general and enhanced)
- Community rehabilitation
- Centre-based nursing

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Jocelyn Tan

St. Andrew's Nursing Home (Henderson)