About Us

Singapore Medical Society Victoria (SMSV) comprises of a group of Singaporean students that are currently studying in Melbourne. As part of our missions programme, we are dedicated to give back to the community and use our heart in the knowledge-based world of medicine.
During our programs, we help conduct clinics with experienced doctors, educate about better health practices and interact with clients of AWWA. Our members also help in non-medical ways such as raising funds as well as helping improve their living circumstances through food delivery and wall painting.
In recent years, we have contributed to overseas communities in China, Cambodia and Nepal as well as at home, in Singapore. We are continually looking for more organisations and communities that we can contribute to.
We have worked with AWWA for a few years running, because we believe in their cause of helping a wide variety of communities in Singapore. We hope to be able to help them raise funds for clients of AWWA.
  • Children & Youth
  • Disability
  • Education
  • Elderly

Cheung Ying Shan

Singapore Medical Society Victoria