Our mission is to spread happiness and smiles all throughout our community, especially during these hard and uncertain times.

About Us

Hope for Humanity is a non-profit, student-led organization focused on raising awareness and money for childhood illnesses. It was founded in 2018 by two high school students in Toronto, Amy Li, and Lauren Koek. With an interest in science and the drive to make a difference, they decided to start by raising awareness and money for neuroblastoma research for SickKids Foundation. While they encountered many obstacles in their journey, they never gave up. For more information about Hope for Humanity, please visit

Our Programmes

Project S.M.I.L.E. is our newest project and it was initiated to make a difference in the health community. It is hard enough to be a hospitalized child before the pandemic, imagine how much harder it is with social distancing in place. As a non-profit, student-led organization, we decided to take it upon ourselves and try to make these children's lives a bit more enjoyable. We have made activity books for the children and the money raised will go towards the KKH Health Fund, to help those in need of funds to pay for their hospital bills, especially given the current situation! For more information, please visit This project will only be successful with your help and hence, we are asking for your full support! Every penny counts!
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