We seek to raise awareness about the issue of homelessness in Singapore, mobilise youths, and to ultimately serve displaced families and individuals.

About Us

We are a group of 8 like-minded students who launched this group as a means to serve displaced families and individuals in Singapore. Although we may be individuals from different walks of life, we are all united under this common goal.

What started off as a trip between two friends to interact with the locals in Chinatown, ended up making us first hand witnesses of this issue in our society. At Jalan Kukok, an estate with numerous one-room HDB flats, we struck up a conversation with a man who shared how he had no home, no family and no place to go. It was then we realised there was definitely a need to address in the community at large. After a series of emails, we were referred to New Hopes Community Services, a charity that seeks to provide displaced families with temporary housing so that they may be able to regain their footing in society without disruption to their family unit.

Today, NHCS has provided housing to over 150 families who would otherwise stay in the streets, carparks, void-decks or parks. NHCS has also provided temporary housing for over 50 displaced individuals. Beyond providing shelter, NHCS also seeks to impart hope into their lives to see a positive transformation.So here we are today, working together with NHCS to serve this community in Singapore.

Comm.UnitySG mainly serves to:

1. Raise funds to maintain the operation of NHCS's shelters,

2. Raise awareness of this issue, and

3. Mobilise student volunteers from different schools

Our Programmes

Our Programmes are conducted through New Hope Community Services. Volunteers can conduct activities such as:

1. Food Ration Packing/ Distribution

2. Painting and Cleaning of Shelters

3. Temperature taking of residents

Our volunteers are registered as essential volunteers under MOH and so we are allowed to carry out these activities.
  • Social Service

Harrison Chong