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WE CARE (Centre for Addiction Recovery and Education) Community Services Limited is the first non-denominational centre in Singapore to provide a community based dropin centre with facilities and programs for all addictions including drug addiction, alcoholism, gambling, eating disorders, sex and love, internet and gaming, etc.The aim of WE CARE Community Services is to get recovering patients to help themselves through selfhelp groups, self-learning and mentorship of persons in the early stages of recovery. WE CARE is often an entry point for the treatment of addicts and their families and support in achieving long term recovery. We provide referrals for persons who need placement in detoxification and inpatient programs or medical support through psychiatric care and also run courses for professionals interested in studying addictions and treatment. Most of the programs provided by the centre are free of charge for recovering people and their families but charges are levied for professional courses and services on a cost recovering basis. Anyone with an addiction problem can be seen within 24 hours by one of our addiction team counselors. We continue to provide the same service for family members whether on the phone or in person.

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Nirmala Turasamy

WE CARE Community Services Limited

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