About the Activity

Ellie, the Mental Health Elephant, is the official mascot for the Elephant in Our Community public education campaign.

In fact, all of us will be affected by mental health issues at some point in our lives. In many ways, Ellie represents each of us, and all of us. #iamEllie.SG

We are looking for a volunteer to bring Ellie mascot to life, to raise awareness of mental health issues in our community while helping our crew to attract members of the public to contribute their support.

Volunteer Positions

Ellie the Mascot

Skills required: No Specific Skills Required Suitable for: First Timers, Open to All Min. age: 18
You will be outgoing and friendly, and of course happy to wear the Ellie mascot costume.

Dress light and comfortably as this assignment will require a lot of physical movement in an enclosed suit, and do keep yourself hydrated as well.

You will need to be between 165cm and 175cm, below 80kg to fit Ellie mascot and be able to last at least 20 mins in the suit.

Point to note

You are required to declare your medical condition as this volunteering opportunity requires certain level of physical demands. We just want to ensure your well-being with us too.

You are also required to attend the briefing on how to be Ellie prior to the event, we will confirm through email to schedule the briefing date once you have signed up your interest with us.

Thanks again for being part of Ellie and advocating mental wellness awareness with the public.
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