About the Activity

Our hospital has engaged an external volunteer Taichi Master to conduct taichi lesson for the patients. As our hospital provides step-down care for the patients, we would encourage the patients to be more active on top of their routine therapy.

You MUST BE comfortable with using the wheelchair as you will assist to wheel patients to the activity area and back to their beds.

Volunteer Positions

Seated Taichi Coordinators

Skills required: No Specific Skills Required Suitable for: First Timers, Seniors, Open to All Min. age: 15
The Taichi Master will be in the middle of the patients with some regular volunteers conducting the session. You will be standing with the patient. You will be doing taichi together with the patients and correct them if they are doing the wrong step verbally and visually.
For eg: The Taichi Master is doing a right-hand exercise. However, the patient is doing left hand. Hence, you will verbally inform the patient to move to the right. If the patient is unable to understand, you have to show them

Point to note

1. You need to report at 3 pm for the first-time volunteer.
2. You are required to wheel patients to their beds. You will be brief to handle wheelchairs safely.
2. We also accept Value In Action (VIA) and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) project. Please email us to discuss further.
3. Please come in light as there is no locker for you to keep your stuff.
4. Casual attire is acceptable. No revealing clothes for the ladies.
5. All successful signups are automatically confirmed.
Social Service

Mohamad Sharil

Ang Mo Kio - Thye Hua Kwan Hospital