About the Activity

The Wellness Community project was started to expand Shan You's social services activities. The goal of the Wellness Community is to improve elderly persons' quality of life through strengthening the five different aspects of wellness for individuals and their caregivers.

We are looking for committed individuals to help us with the upcoming talk and workshop in Mandarin related to sleeping well for elderly. If you are comfortable interact and helping elderly, we need you!

Volunteer Positions

Programme Volunteers

Skills required: No Specific Skills Required Suitable for: First Timers, Seniors, Open to All, Family Friendly, Organisation or Groups Min. age: 18
Volunteer supplement the effort of Shan You Wellness Community to reach out to our elderly and families in need, we are expecting about 80 elderly attending the education talk

Your role may include,
- Setup the event allocated for talk and post talk screening areas
- Lead elderly to the seated areas and support them if needed
- Encourage elderly for screening
- Assist with distribution of refreshment and goodies bag
- Helping elderly to fill in feedback form
- Pack up at the end of event

Point to note

We looking for volunteers with following quality traits,

- Be proactive and always look out for elderly
- Comfortable in direct and talk to our elderly in Mandarin or Singapore Dialect (e.g. Cantonese, Hokkien, Teochew, Hakka etc.)
- Energy and stamina to setup and help throughout the event (4 hours!)
- Interested in Educational talk related to sleep

Refreshment will be provided throughout the event for volunteers, your well being is our concerns, do keep yourself hydrated too!
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