About the Activity

The game of bingo can advance the speed and precision of short-term memory and actually aids in countering some ageing effects. Examinations proved that those who play bingo regularly show higher concentration abilities and a higher level of short-term memory.
We will play 3 to 4 rounds depending on the time. For each round, there will be 3 line winner and 2 full house winner. Line winner is when the 5 numbers are covered horizontally. Full house is when all the numbers are covered.

Volunteer Positions

Bingo Coordinator

Skills required: No Specific Skills Required Suitable for: First Timers, Seniors, Open to All Min. age: 15
You will assist 2 to 3 patients during the session. Encourage them to participate actively in the session. You are also assisting them to hear out for their numbers.

If you notice that the patient is feeling discomfort, please inform the Therapy Assistant immediately. You need to ensure that the patient is seated in the wheelchair during the session.

You MUST BE comfortable with using the wheelchair as you will assist to wheel patients to the activity area and back to their beds.

Point to note

1. You need to report at 2 pm for the first-time volunteer, for a briefing. Subsequently, please report at 2.30pm.
2. We also accept Value In Action (VIA) and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) project for this activity. Please email us to discuss further.
3. Please come in light as we do not have a locker for you to keep your stuff.
4. Casual attire is acceptable. No revealing clothes for the ladies.
5. All successful signups are automatically confirmed. No confirmation email will be sent.

Kenneth Koh

Ang Mo Kio - Thye Hua Kwan Hospital