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Established in 1984 as a coeducational government school, Victoria Junior College has created many nostalgic memories for students and staff of the school, while striving for excellence. Today, the college enrols about 1,800 students, taught by about 170 dedicated teachers.The Victoria Junior College name is synonymous with a culture of excellence and innovation in both work and play. This is what sets us apart in the educational landscape of Singapore. While Victorians possess rigorous intellectual habits and academic excellence, they are also challenged to go beyond the everyday and pursue what their hearts desire. We value the diversity of Victorians and believe that there is nothing more important than helping them find their passion and purpose. We hope for all Victorians to change the world in creative and meaningful ways. We have succeeded because of the immense support that we have received from our students, parents, and well-wishers, past and present. Your generous donations will definitely go a long way in enabling VJC to realise our dreams for our students!

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Donations of $100 and above are entitled to tax-exemption.

Any excess donations will be used for any other educational purposes(s) approved by Ministry of Education.
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