Be Greater in The City of Good and amplify love this Valentine’s Day by signing up to volunteer at with a loved one, good friends, family members or even colleagues and classmates!


Between February 14 to March 14, share with us on Instagram or TikTok* on how you have spent the time to uplift others to redeem a very special of special edition Singa the Kindness Lion plushies.


Volunteering is better when done together. Click here, here and here, to get inspired by the different stories of giving time, talent and treasure with those close to your hearts.

Singa the Kindness Lion plushie 

*To win these special edition of Singa the Kindness Lion plushies, all you need to do is:


Step 1: Sign up to volunteer at with a friend or a loved one!


Step 2: From February 14 to March 14 share on your Instagram or TikTok account, the volunteering work that you did through stories, posts or reels. The first 100 entries will be able to redeem a set of special edition of Singa Plushies with matching t-shirt designs. Don’t forget to tag @CityofGOODSG and @kindnesssg and use #begreaterinthecityofgood.


Ready to volunteer? Here are some highlight charities and organisations which you can choose to volunteer at with a loved one.