You asked, we listened.

Since we launched over a year ago, we’ve been getting feedback from users and working on improving our platform, to give you the best giving experience possible.
This month, we’ll be making some improvements to They’re small, but we hope they make a big difference to your experience with us.

Want to know more? Here’s a sneak peek at what’s in store for you!

I am an Individual I am a Charity I am an Organisation/Ground-up Group (akan datang!)


For Individuals

User experience improvements to the donations checkout page. It’s now easier to switch between your saved and new credit cards, claim or skip tax deductions and share your mailing address with charities to receive physical tax deductible receipts. 

Filter charities by whether donations are tax deductible.
(Don't forget to further check if your donation to IPCs are tax deductible, do check the charity/campaign page as some charities have a minimum donation amount for tax deductions).

Change the start date of your campaign, as long as it hasn’t gone live or been approved. 

Improvements to your volunteer activities overview. In addition to the total number of hours volunteered, you can now see the breakdown of hours per activity. You will also be able to export your volunteering history in PDF. 


For Charities

  • Customise your impact statements, and the relevant donation amounts, for campaigns. These can now be different from the impact statements in your organisation profile. 
    Did you know?
    Your campaign pages and charity profile pages both have individual impact statements that you can now customise for your needs! Let your impact statements aid you to further share your story to users reading about your charity and campaigns.
  • All campaign creators will be able change the start date of your campaign(s), as long as it has not gone live. Once live, it cannot be changed as the campaign may already have received donations. 
  • You will be able to view the salutation that is provided by your donors and export the list in PDF.
  • Filter donations by type (eg. Credit Card, eNETS, CPF) in your donation history.  
  • You will be able to choose the group of volunteers who will receive email updates when the information of activities are changed through volunteer sign up status and activity date.


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