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About Us

Established in 1993, Buddhist Compassion Relief Tzu-Chi Foundation (Singapore) is an accredited Institution of Public Character (IPC). For the past over two decades, the Foundation has been actively contributing to society in the areas of charity, medical aid, education, humanistic culture, and environmental protection.

We bridge and connect volunteers with those who need help; and in the process, we work out ways to help those who fall through society's safety net. Our work is manpower-intensive, but fortunately, we have an army of dedicated volunteers who generously devote their valuable time to help and care for the needy and underprivileged.

For inspiring news and stories about our charitable works and volunteers, please visit our website (, Facebook @tzuchisg or watch our videos on YouTube -tzuchisg.

Support Our Causes:
You can support our local charity programmes and other Missions of Tzu-Chi Foundation (Singapore) by giving regularly to our Charity Development Fund. Your donations will help provide the needy with essentials, such as daily necessities, healthcare, etc. as to benefit the local community in Singapore as a whole regardless of race, sex, and religion. There is no minimum amount; every donation will be received with gratitude.

Our Programmes

The fund supports the following Missions:

1. Local charity programmes: Provides financial assistance and spiritual support to the needy individuals & families
a) Assistance for living expenses (emergency/long-term aid)
b) Interim dialysis assistance (Referrals from MSW only)
c) Healthcare assistance (Referrals from MSW only
d) Befriending services

2. Free medical services for the underprivileged community
a) Tzu Chi Free Clinic @Redhill - Offers free GP, dental, and TCM services to the disadvantaged & low income residents
b) Tzu Chi Day Rehabilitation Centre @Jurong East - Offers physiotherapy services at low cost/affordable rates
c) Tzu Chi TCM Free Clinic @Khatib - Offers free TCM services to the residents
d) Seniors Engagement & Enabling Node (SEEN) @Bukit Batok & @Nanyang - drop-in centres for seniors as well as a community link to help seniors stay healthy through engagement with various activities

3. Promotion of humanistic culture and education

4. Expenses incurred in furtherance of the Foundation's missions and objectives

As part of Tzu Chi Singapore's engagement efforts for all donors, your personal data will also be collected, used and disclosed for the purposes of sharing Tzu Chi Singapore's news, fundraising initiatives, charitable programmes and volunteer recruitment drives.
Related enquires: email to [email protected]

Any donations after 26 Dec 2022 shall be treated as 2023's donation for us and donors (Year of Assessment (YA) 2024).

Our Wish List


Every third Sunday of the month is Tzu Chi's Environmental Sustainability Day. In close to 40 neighbourhoods across the island, Tzu Chi has garnered the support of various Residents' Committees, to transform the void decks of HDB blocks, communal pavilions, activity areas, etc. into temporary eco points. Residents living nearby are invited to bring their recyclable items for sorting and recycling on Environmental Sustainability Day. They are also encouraged to bring their children along to learn about environmental protection.

We warmly invite you and your family to join our ranks of environmental defenders and serve as guardians of Mother Earth!

Tzu Chi Singapore Community Eco Points Island-wide:

*Sorting of Recyclables
The recyclables in Tzu Chi's Eco Points are sorted into the following categories to help reduce the burden of the recycling merchants in handling the recyclables and also increase the sales value of the materials:

Paper: waste paper, envelope, book, newspaper, magazine, cardboard, carton box
Aluminum: aluminium can
Metals: metal can
Hardware: copper, bronze , stainless steel, metal parts
Electrical appliances: computer, printer, TV, DVD player, fan, oven, rice cooker, lithium battery
Clothing: shirt, pants, belt, handbag, shoes, backpack
Glass: glass bottle, container
Others: umbrella, ironing board

*Please note that the following items are not collected at our eco points:
All plastic items, Polystyrene foam, PVC material, rubber container, furniture, wood product, pottery, aquarium, mirror, pillow, diaper, undergarment, socks

We seek your cooperation in doing some preliminary sorting at home. If the items have been contaminated by oil stains, food residues, etc., kindly please clean them at home before sending them for recycling. In this way, we can prevent cross-contamination with other recyclables, while also safeguard the volunteers doing the sorting work.

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  • Social Service

Ms Khor Chooi Kim

Buddhist Compassion Relief Tzu-Chi Foundation (Singapore)

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