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ends 02 Dec 2017, 11:59 PM
What is Heart at the Movie? It's our annual fund raising event (held this year on 3 December 2017) whereby we sell tickets to the public at S$80 each.

The funds go to TWC2 to run our essential services but we also use the opportunity to treat 250 workers to lunch and movie at The Projector cinema - this would comprise of male Bangladeshi and Indian workers and some female Indonesian and Filipino domestic workers.

TWC2 has our hands full assisting primarily male construction workers who face salary problems or suffer from work injury.

A large part of what we do involves helping them with their cases (mediating with their employers or making a claim through MOM).

We also give out daily meals at our soup kitchen at Little India - a project that costs us S$400,000 annually. We are close to serving our one millionth meal!

We sincerely hope you feel impassioned to contribute to this worthy cause.

We welcome you to join us at the event as well! If you are buying a ticket for yourself, please drop us an email at [email protected] to tell us where to send the tickets to. Otherwise, we will assume that all purchased tickets are to be donated to the workers. (Note that you cannot donate anonymously if you wish to come, otherwise we will not be able to track your donation.)

There are only 250 seats at The Projector cinema, but we are hoping to sell at least twice the number of tickets (which would be treated as donations).

About the Charity

Transient Workers Count Too extends help to low-wage migrant workers who have been injured, unpaid, or abused by employers. Low-wage migrant workers constitute about one in five persons in Singapore. Doing jobs like construction, sanitation and domestic work, they form the backbone of our society and economy. Yet they are often treated badly by employers. Sometimes, salaries are not paid, rest days denied, housed in unsafe and unhygienic places, physically and psychologically abused, and when injured, abandoned without adequate medical treatment or left with no income. Migrant workers have no family in Singapore to fall back on for help. Doing low-wage work, they do not have savings to tide them through difficulties. TWC2 tries to help by extending a lifeline to those in need.


Fundraising can help to raise more and change more lives.

Social Service

Christine Scully, Contact Person